Do Great Things

Today, I am going to give you the secret to happiness.  Whether you consider yourself an altruistic, giving person, or you are purely self-interested in living your best life;  there is one guaranteed path to improve your sense of purpose, well-being and gratitude.  


Help those less fortunate than you.  


This past weekend, I was able to join an incredible group of people dedicated to making a positive change in the world.  Sponsored by the Greatness Foundation, Baja Bound, and donations from all around the world, we embarked on a mission to make a difference. Together, we moved one family from living under a tarp on a dirt floor to a real home we built together.

I live in San Diego, California; one of the most beautiful and expensive places in the world.  A two hour drive south of here, there exists poverty unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Migrant workers hoping for a better life slave away in fields for less than $10 a day (if they are lucky).  Children are forced to drop out of school because their family can’t afford books or uniforms. And families grow up living without electricity, running water, or a roof over their heads.

You’ve heard these stories before.  The problem can seem overwhelming and it is easy to tune out and give up.  Moving one family into a home may not seem like much, but to that family it is everything.

Working on this project, I found something even more powerful than the incredible impact to this one family. The power of common purpose.  


The power of people coming together to help others is infectious.  Children from around the neighborhood came out to play with us:


We couldn’t hide the smiles on our faces as we set aside our personal dramas- work, family, money, status- and committed solely to helping others.

Even in the pouring rain on Saturday- cold, wet, muddy and miserable- our group remained positive and energized to finish the home for this family.  One day in the mud and the rain was just a small taste of what they endured year round.

Friendships were formed as we bonded over the work, sharing our personal stories, and eating delicious local foods (including the best churros I’ve ever had!).  


This experience was life changing for all of us, and I know everyone who attended came out energized and committed to enrolling others and making this movement bigger.  


Despite what the news would have you believe, the world is moving in the right direction.  Global extreme poverty has been cut in half over the last fifty years. At similar rates, life expectancy is up, infant mortality is down, and life satisfaction is rising across the globe.


If we can spread the energy of this movement to more people, we can eliminate extreme poverty in our lifetimes.  


We can eliminate diseases like polio and malaria.  


We can make sure no one goes hungry ever again.


Think about that.  We have enough food to feed the world three times over.  We have enough resources to house, clothe, and educate every man, woman, and child on the planet.  It is just about us having the will, dedication, and resourcefulness to make it happen.

Are you motivated?  Great. Find a cause that inspires you and start today!  Do you want to help make a direct impact immediately? Come join us on our next build of two homes July 13-15 or follow this link to give a donation.  I promise you will get more than you give, as you see the impact of your work and surround yourself with inspiring people doing inspiring things.


I hope to see you in July!

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